Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the wolfpack.

i feel like almost every day this summer has been a reminder of how the aliso niguel high school marching band, drumline and color guard program creates lasting and supportive friendships.  and tonight was no exception.

we (me, christine, nili, ina, evan, jeff, samantha, and jessica) got together to support our good friends (jason, matt, cameron, dan, and zach) play a game in their basketball league at the Y.

they call their team the wolfpack, which totally works for them because they act like "brothers" and play really well together.  and tonight was definitely their best game so far.  it was very fast paced and aggressive and it was obvious that they were trying really hard, which made it super entertaining!  it actually held my interest the whole time (and that's saying something because sports generally don't hold my interest all that well).

these are our game watching faces:

unfortunately, we lost the game, but that's perfectly fine because it's really not all about winning.  participating in this kind of a league is more about having fun playing a sport that you love than what the scoreboard says.  plus it's a great excuse to spend time with friends :)  regardless of the score, tonight was a victory in my eyes because the wolfpack put up a great fight and played hard.

after the game, we had a little post-game munch sesh at in-n-out, where we spent the next couple of hours hanging out.  yet another great night :)

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