Friday, June 10, 2011

sandy eggo state.

you know that whole "you always end up where you're supposed to be" idea?  well, its totally true.

had you asked me my senior year of high school where i was considering going to college, i wouldn't have answered with san diego state university.  it wasn't until i toured the beautiful campus that my interest in the school peaked.  after seeing it, even just one time, i couldn't stop thinking about it - i was hooked.  i fell in love with the beautiful architecture and the welcoming turtle pond and just everything that the school had to offer me.

and when i learned of SDSU's fabulous nursing program, the package was complete.  academics are extremely important to me and i was absolutely thrilled at the possibility that i would eventually be part of one of california's best undergraduate nursing programs.  and with such a gorgeous campus, great weather, a relaxing atmosphere, and just the right distance from home, there was just no close second choice.  i sent in my acceptance without hesitation and anxiously awaited for august when i would embark on my college adventure, the next chapter of my life.

and now here i am a year later and i know that i made the right decision one year ago.  i couldn't imagine myself anywhere else.  this past year has been the most amazing year of my entire life.  i've met the most wonderful people and have had such great opportunities and experiences - so many that i just can't even believe that was only 1/4 of my college life.  i always assumed that college would be great, but my freshman year far surpassed my expectations... from aztec football games at the chargers' stadium, gamma phi beta sorority events, the most wonderful suitemates imaginable, to the adventures in downtown san diego.  and that's just to name a few of the many great things this year had to offer!

i can't wait for what my sophomore year has in store for me.  i'm sure it's nothing short of fantastic!  and with that, congrats class of 2011.  you're about to start four of the greatest years of your life :)

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