Thursday, June 9, 2011

i am mao, your mom's a cow.

so, i kicked the morning off right with a long overdue gym workout with nili and ina.  but this workout didn't even compare to the ab workout that we got later from laughing so hard with our friends.

tonight, we (me, nili, ina, taylor, jeff, matt, gavin, and lauren) had a wonderfully fantastic barbecue and jacuzzi sesh at ina's community pool...  i can honestly say that i haven't had this much fun in a long time!  first, matt and gavin barbecued burgers, hot dogs, and sausage for us (and a boca burger and fake chicken for taylor, of course).  and ohmygoodness it was soo tasty!  we also had plenty of soda, salad, chips, and chocolate chip cookies to make for quite a little feast.  we definitely ate to our heart's content :)

then, on very full stomachs, we headed for the jacuzzi.  we spent a good couple of hours in there, passing the time by playing some version of the "one word game," where each person is only allowed to say one word to continue the sentence in order to form a somewhat coherent sentence - generally with very random and crazy results.  two of our favorite phrases of the night: "salty looks" and "mundane."  probably one of those "had to be there" moments.

but, i guess we let time get away from us while playing our fun little game because, in the middle of a very awkward/bad-timing conversation, the pool security guard crept up behind us (def heard our conversation) and then kicked us out.  he acted all stern at first, asking who lived there and blah blah blah, but, thanks to ina's silliness about keys, we befriended him and he told us a story about how a guy pulled a machete on him the night before.  apparently, you can go to jail if you use a community pool and someone in your group doesn't live there.  note to self: don't do that.  so, anyway, this guy got all freaked out when mr. security man asked for his key (which he obviously didn't have because he didn't live there) and i guess then "attempted murder."  so then mr. security man tasered him!  i think he ended up going to jail for the whole machete thing.  should have stuck with the punishment for not having a key.  we asked mr. security man if he would have arrested all of us if no one lived there, but he said he wouldn't have because he didn't want to fill out paper work until six in the morning :P

these are our "we got kicked out faces":

but, no worries, we just moved right back to the barbecue area and made s'mores with the grill!  and took more random pictures, of course :)

by this time, our night was only halfway over.  we packed up our stuff and moved our fun to ina's house, where we spent the next few hours playing the card game "mao" (the name of the communist dictator).  i never thought a game of cards could be so much fun!

the game starts with a fun little phrase: "i am mao, your mom's a cow, and this is how we start..." and then it's played like uno, but secret rules are added each round by whoever is "mao," the dictator of that round.  if you fail to follow a rule, you are punished by getting a card.  my brain was fried by the end of the night, trying to figure out and remember all of the secret rules.  but, oh how much fun it was :)  a fried brain was totally worth it!
a few of our secret rules:

failure to touch an ear.  failure to touch someone's chin.  failure to tap.  but those are just the ones pictured above.  failure to pinch and failure to slap were a bit more painful.  my personal favorites were failure to clear your throat and failure to "moo" :)  i'm already looking forward to next week when we get to play together again!

as is evident by the time of this blog posting, today (well, yesterday now) was just such a great day that i couldn't go to sleep without writing about it.  i love my friends <3

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