Monday, June 6, 2011

my inspiration.

i always told myself i would never do one of these, yet here i am.  i guess i've always felt like these kinds of things were for people who had interesting stories to tell or funny experiences to share.  i don't view myself as having either of these things, but somehow i still find myself wanting to share my life with others.  i'm not expecting mass followers or anything like that, but you never know who you can affect with your words, even if it's just yourself.  sometimes it's just plain good for you to get your thoughts out there, regardless of how simple or minimal they may seem.

now this may seem out of the blue, but it's really not at all.  most people don't know this, aside from a few close friends and family, but for years and years i dreamed of being an author.  i wanted so badly to major in journalism and to pursue a career in writing.  i wrote countless stories when i was younger and continued to do so all the way up until high school, but then stopped.  for some reason the creative juices just stopped flowing and a sense of practicality kicked in.  i dropped my writing hobby and instead focused on my school work and on pursuing a career in the medical field.

my freshman year of college has been an eye opener for me and made me realize that, as interested as i am in becoming a labor and delivery nurse, i don't want to give up my passion for writing.  throughout the school year and, especially, this summer, i have taken up writing for fun again.  however, i'm constantly struggling with the decision of whether i should write about reality, based on my life, or take more of a fantasy, make-believe approach.  i've always wanted to write about reality, seeing as the best inspiration tends to be one's own life experiences, but i've felt that my life was too boring or too typical to make for an interesting novel.  i've felt that i live in somewhat of a bubble, a safe little world, without much adventure or novel-worthy experiences.  so, instead i've just been sticking with the make-believe.  but somehow, as fun as it is to write about, this never completely satisfies me and i always have an itch to write about something real.

but today my good friend suzie (a fellow appreciator of the arts) reminded me of something during a lovely conversation with yummy mocha coconut frappucinos.  though she probably doesn't realize it, she reminded me of how important my "typical" life experiences have been.  what i consider to be boring or typical have shaped me to be the unique individual i am today.  these past five years, in particular, have been incredibly influential in shaping my personality.  between the friends i've made, the love i've found, and the experiences i've had, i've actually had quite an amazing life and i shouldn't be so quick to write it off as mundane.  suzie also reminded me that we don't want to forget the little moments in our lives and that by writing them down we can keep them with us forever.

so now here i am.  rather than trying to craft the experiences of my life into a novel, i've decided to publicly display them in a much rawer, imperfect, truer form.  why?  because i've realized that life in a bubble can indeed be beautiful and i think it's worth sharing.

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