Monday, June 13, 2011

a weekend well spent.

this was one of those weekends where i enjoyed every moment of it.
on friday night, i drove up to los angeles to visit the wonderful antp.  we started our date night out with dinner at vistango, a little restaurant that i've been begging him to take me to for months so that i could finally try their penne vodka he's always raving about.  he claimed it to be much better than the penne vodka we made together a while back, but i didn't believe him.  we make a pretty mean vodka sauce pasta (at least by my standards).

vistango's penne vodka:

alas, anthony was correct.  vistango's penne vodka definitely lived up to his claims.  it was so good!  and, unfortunately, much better than ours.  guess we've got some practicing to do.

back at his apartment in la, we had fun taking silly pictures together.  anthony brought me home some of my own E3 swag from the convention he attended earlier in the week, so we decided to be super cool and dress up:

i'm representing the empire and antp's representing the republic.  woot!  oh, and these are officially my new driving sun glasses.  they live in my car.

even later that night, we got hungry again and went looking for food in the kitchen.  unfortunately, for me, this turned into anthony pelting frozen green beans at my head.  after our mini frozen food war, (which i lost), we finally settled on some simple top ramen, apricots, and cucumbers with salt.  i was hesitant about the whole cucumber thing at first, but it was actually really good!  i highly recommend it.

our super fancy ramen:

the next day was ina's confirmation, so we had to head back to aliso viejo.  of course, we made sure to get yet another yummy meal in before the day's events.  this time... chick-fil-a!

if you haven't had the cookie parfait, it's a must.

that evening, back in aliso viejo, we attended ina's confirmation at the corpus christi church.  nili, jeff, bryan, taylor, and jason were also there with us to support her.  i've been to this church with anthony's family a few times before and, although i am not a church-goer myself, i always enjoy the services.  i love listening to what father fred has to say and the music is wonderful.  and this service was no exception.  it was so great being there with friends and i was so happy that i got to see ina be confirmed!

after the ceremony, we all went back to ina's house for a celebration.  we had food from panda express (yum) and sang along to piano and guitar being played by ina's family and friends.  it was so much fun to be able to celebrate with ina and for all of us to spend more time together.

as it got later, ina's family left the party, leaving us alone to play the board game, taboo, and of course, mao.

we played taboo with two teams: girls + taylor vs. guys.  and, obviously, girls + taylor totally owned (sorry boys).  a couple of our favorite clues/guesses: "twinkle twinkle little... winkle?" and "dog of hair" :)

and our game of mao was just plain ridiculous.  we implemented some pretty complicated rules this time.  my brain definitely got another workout.

sunday was filled with even more great food!  christine, my bestie, finally got home from school last night, so i decided to take her to cha for tea to get boba and munchies:

she got an iced peach green tea with aloe vera and i got an iced almond milk tea with boba and soy milk.  we shared orange chicken and crispy chicken dumplings.  so good.

after that, we went back to her house and literally just laid on her bed talking (and lurking on facebook) for seven hours.  i love that we can do that and never get bored <3 

sometime later in the evening, anthony interrupted our seemingly endless talking by bringing us a brownie earthquake from dairy queen to share!  (yes, more food, don't judge).  what a sweetie!  after the boba and the sundae, we were definitely on a sugar high, but that just made the night all the more fun :)

this weekend's checklist:
- spend time with boyfriend... CHECK
- spend time with best friend... CHECK
- spend time with great friends... CHECK
- spend time with... food? ... MAJOR CHECK

i'd say that's a weekend well spent.

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