Tuesday, June 7, 2011

first things first.

i feel like it's only necessary that i introduce two very important people in my life before i can properly start this blog.

so, first, we have my bestest buddy in the whole wide world, who i actually just finished a skype date with: christine!  aka chrislet or chris.

best friends since 6th grade, we've been through thick and thin and done absolutely everything together.  it ranges from simply having every class together at school, trying out for and joining our high school color guard, going on double dates with our first boyfriends, to having 8 hour long (i think that was our record?) conversations on the phone.  oh, and we have more inside jokes than we can count!

christine is the kindest, most supportive and trustworthy friend a girl could ask for (i'm sure anyone who knows her could testify to this) and i'm just so gosh darn lucky to have her as a friend that i feel she deserves a special place in this blog <3  she currently attends UCSD as a human development major, pursuing a career as an occupational therapist.  as smart and dedicated as she is, i'm sure she'll get there in no time!

next, we have my incredibly amazing, fantastic boyfriend: anthony!  aka antppny or antp (the origin of which may appear in a future blog at some point).

you know you have an amazing boyfriend when, even after 4 years of dating, you find yourself loving him more and more with every month that goes by.  and it's totally true - anthony is amazing!  i never would have thought that at the age of 14 i could find such a kind and loving boy that would grow to be the most dedicated, hard working, and true-to-himself man that i have ever met.  but i did :)

anthony currently attends USC, majoring in computer science with an emphasis in games.  he is also a snare drummer (a very good one if i do say so myself) in the trojan marching band and absolutely loves it!  he will be a senior at USC next year and will be working on a "final games project," in which several teams will actually create games pitched by students.  this project is the climactic assignment of the undergraduate games program at USC and is extremely important.  anthony pitched a potential game for the final project a couple of months ago and his was selected to be made next year by him and a team!  this is a great opportunity for anthony, as he will get to be a team lead.  i couldn't be more proud of him :)

i have to say, with a best friend like christine and anthony as my boyfriend, i can't help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


  1. love love love this. love christine. love anthony. love you.

  2. aww thanks husband <3 love you, too!