Saturday, June 18, 2011

amanda's graduation party.

today was a great day.  i got to spend it with my boy and his fam <3

anthony and i started the morning off with a two hour drive to ventura for amanda's graduation party.  however, it felt more like a two minute drive to me since i slept the whole way there... sorry antp!  i guess i wasn't the best passenger for a long drive.

the party was at a nice steakhouse right on the beach and amanda's family rented out a big room for all of us, with a super great view of the ocean and the pier.  amanda (anthony's cousin) was a wonderful hostess and introduced us to all of her friends and family that we had not met.  the food was fantastic (i had amazing blackened salmon) and the dessert was a good german chocolate cake.  i'm so glad that we were able to make it out there to support amanda's accomplishment :)  it was great seeing anthony's other cousin, jillian, too!  i hadn't seen her since anthony graduated high school three years ago, so it feels like it's been forever.

afterward, we drove back to antp's house, which took two and a half hours.  anthony pulled over after about an hour and a half and made me drive the rest of the way home because he kept drowsing.  summer time sure does seem to mess with our sleeping schedules... we just can't wake up early these days!

after a much needed two and a half hour nap, we went to anthony's dad's house for an early father's day dinner... persian food, of course!  it was soo good.  every time i eat persian food, i remind myself how lucky i am that anthony's got a cultural side to him.  it comes with great cuisine :)

love him!

this was a total fail, blurry picture.  but i tried to make it work... key word: tried.

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