Sunday, July 24, 2011

on the rocks please.

yesterday i got the joy of supporting my boy play the drums with his cover band, On the Rocks!

they played at the night club/bar, Time Out Tavern, in aliso viejo.  i honestly didn't even realize there was such a place in our quiet little city until recently!  it seemed like a pretty nice venue.  i even ordered my water on the rocks ;)  thought i'd get in the spirit.

the band played two sets of songs and both sets were great!  On the Rocks plays a nice variety of music, ranging from some older hits to songs that have been recently popular, like Billionaire.  definitely pleasing to a wide age range.  anthony asked me what my favorite song was after the show was over, but i honestly couldn't pick because they were all so good!

sean, cooper, and evan (members of P.S. Denied, antp's other band), as well as christine and some of anthony's other friends, came to watch him play.  i thought it was super sweet that so many people came out to support him <3

i love him <3

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