Monday, July 18, 2011

the end of an era.

after watching harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 for the second time today, i realized that this amazing piece of work deserves a blog post.

last week, my friends and i attended the final midnight premiere of harry potter.  although i was excited to see the movie, i also dreaded the strike of midnight because, once the movie was over, so was this over-ten-year-long era that encompassed my childhood.

it sounds silly that i consider this an "end of an era," but it really is.  for many people around my age, we grew up with these books and movies and have always anxiously awaited the next chapter of harry potter's magical journey.  i vividly remember buying the books at midnight on release day and rushing home to stay up for the next few hours, reading.   now that it's over, it kind of feels like a sign that childhood is ending and it's time to start transitioning to the adult world.

despite this, i know that i will always hold onto the enjoyment that these books and movies brought me.  (in fact, i may just have to reread them again to relive such enjoyment!)  i definitely owe a big thanks to j.k. rowling for her creativity and hard work!

here are some pics from the long wait for the big hp finale:

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